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Australian Body Art Awards (ABAA’s), Daylesford, VIC;
1st Place 2hr Face,
1st Place 6hr Singles Body, Brush & Sponge

Body Canvas, Melb, SPFX 1st Place

Tim Gratton's Speed Painting Competition, Adelaide;
1st place heat and Grand Final;
Melbourne Body Art Competition (MBAC’s), Melbourne, Supreme Award
Sydney’s Double Bay Food, Wine & Art Festival, incl Tim Gratton's Australasian Body Painting Comp, 1st Place

These are key (glorybrag!) placings but I've not listed every event or place.
Many more attempts than successes, trust me!

Competing is an amazing experience, and also takes a lot out of you both time and energy-wise. Nothing quite beats the adrenalin-fueled energy of a competition room, it's just incredible!

Models also do a wonderful job and it's usually an extremely long day for everyone.
We love our hard working and gorgeous models!

If you have never competed as an artist please do at least once so you know what it's like, you might just get the bug.

If you as a member of the general public have never been to see a body painting competition then I urge you to do so. The work the artists and their models do is just stunning. And it's only available for a short time so it's not like you can go see it tomorrow. Support the artists doing challenging live art in front of your eyes.

It's approx 2 meters square per body and our scope includes getting the colours right, making the design 'flow', joining the front, back, sides so it all works, ensuring that it can be seen clearly from a distance, that it will photograph well, suiting the model we have including their presentation skills, creating a headpiece or props as appropriate to show off the work to the max.

It's not just slapping a bit of paint on a body and that's it, far from it! And traditional artists may have months to work on a painting; we have at the most about 6 hours. Now that's tough!! This is literally performance art at it's finest. Come and see it whenever you can!