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Face & Body painting classes, early 2014, Adelaide and Melbourne

We aim to educate and inspire students both young and not so young in the wonderful

art of face and body painting


Face painting, and its associated formats of

body painting




replica tattoos

and more, is becoming an accepted mainstream art form.

Wendy is passionate about

teaching face painting

and is adamant that correct tuition at the start, using good quality products and equipment will make a difference to a budding artist. The guidelines Wendy teaches by have proven successful with many past students now painting for pleasure or profit.

Workshops cover straight forward instruction in this deceptively simple artform.
Get the basics right and you will be well on your way. Do a great design with poor application techniques and it will fail; do a lack lustre design with brilliant technique and it can look a million bucks. Learn the basics properly first.

Using quality materials and clear direction, students as young as year 5 through to adults can safely grasp the concepts involved. Health and Safety issues are covered in each class. Students have the opportunity to use quality paints, brushes, sponges, reference and other materials, and be taught by a working professional in this field, using the exact same kit as they do.

Learn the simpler designs first and progress to more complex faces - you'll leave the class with the tools and knowledge to continually improve.

Concepts and designs taught in each class are tailored both to the age of the student, current skill levels and previous experience.