Wendy Fantasia

Wendy has been face painting since 1995 when she and a friend thought it would make for a good casual job, how hard could it be? We were just dreadful, yet we thought we were fabulous! Ignorance was bliss. I'd like to apologise to all those kids years ago, and also to our families who we pressured into modelling for us.

Anyway, those days are long gone thank goodness and by having a strong network of face and body artists in both Adelaide and Melbourne (current location) its been possible to learn some actual skills and develop into a reasonable artist. Face and body painting is something that is always evolving - styles change, new products come along, events happen, we meet and connect with other artists - any of these things can be game-changers.

For me, game-changers have included my first class with Jinny from Canada, and meeting lots of wonderful Melbourne face painters who also attended. Then moving to Adelaide from early 2008 for four years and meeting with the South Australian contingent. Many of us moved forward in various ways with our face and also body painting during that time; it was a wild ride! Then back to Melbourne early 2012 and a lucky break and circumstances led to reconnecting with many of the Melbourne artists I'd met years before. We have formed strong bonds leading to various projects and different directions.

It's an exciting, invigorating, exhausting and amazing industry to be a part of and I look forward to whatever the future will bring.