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quote for face painting

please include the following on the response form below. If you've not booked a face painter before please also check Booking a Face Painter?
We will respond asap, usually the same day.

  • What type of event is it?

  • What date and time?
    A two hour minimum is usual for most bookings.
    This may be 3 hours in peak season (warmer months)

  • Where is it?
    Travel cost may apply if further than 30 mins one way from Kew (Melbourne, Victoria).
    If it's in a park be specific re the location and contact details.
    Parking availability and any cost involved? We don't go cross country with our kits so need parking close to the final function area.

  • How many guests for painting are you expecting?
    If children, the general age group for face painting appears to be from around 3 years up to approx 10 years old.
    If you are expecting lots of guests for face painting please book additional artists. 2 or more artists for say 3 hours is better than one artist for 6 hours for example. Painters should be positioned so they work together from one single feed line. On average we can do approx 10 good faces per hour. Smaller designs or limited menus will increase this number but this needs negotiation and agreement before the booking commences.

  • Is it adults and/or children being painted?
    If adults and you are unsure how much time should be booked, please allow for an extension of time if required.

  • Is there a theme the painter should be aware of?
    Is there any other entertainment or activities at the function?
    Balloonists for example can be a great help in entertaining those waiting in the face painting area.

  • Anything else about the event that we should be advised of, ie any cultural requirements, any designs that we should not include?
    For our part, our artists will not do designs that they deem are offensive.
    This is their call, not yours.

  • If there is more than three hours painting required please allow to supply a meal/drinks and be aware that the painter/s will require short breaks at least every two hours. It may not look physically demanding but face painting is hard work on the body.

  • If you are able to provide table and chairs for the painter it is greatly appreciated. A card table is great, low coffee tables are not. Upright chairs are great, kindy sized chairs or white fabric lounge suites are not. We can also bring table and chairs with us if necessary.

  • A bad weather back up plan is essential. We will require our full fee if cancelled last minute due to any reason.

  • If a larger event please allow an additional 6 or so chairs so children who wish to wait can do so in an orderly fashion. They enjoy seeing what is being painted and can 'bump' along in the line. An orderly, clean line is a happy line.

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