We value our models (and yours if you are supplying them) so request that comfortable conditions are ensured from both the painting aspect and also the display time following the completion of the artwork.

Cold models are not a good advertisement for you as the client or us. When liaising for a booking, we can confirm our requirements and make sure that models are able to present designs to the best of their ability.

Outside work in winter is usually not possible. Well-lit warm areas with table, chairs and access to water are required for the painting to be done when inside. The initial part of the painting may need to be done privately if the purpose is a public display of live body painting.

Meals and drinks may need to be supplied to painters and models depending on the time frame of your booking.

Q - Does the model wear underwear?
A - In all cases the model (male or female) will wear underpants. The style depends on the overall design, purpose of the event and the audience. Female models may wear a bra, or nipple shields - again, this will depend on a number of factors. In certain situations a bra may not be worn.

Q - Can you include logos or corporate designs/slogans?
A - Yes we can.

Q - Do models need to do any special preparation in order to be painted?
A - Yes, there are particular things they need to be aware of and we will brief them beforehand.

Q - If I want to

model for The Imagineers

what do I need to do?
A - Contact us for more information. We also need

models for workshops

and other activities - some are paid, some are not. If you are with a model agency you will need to clear it with them too. In most cases you will be able to get lo res images from the booking, and the opportunity to purchase hi res images for your folio.

Q - How old are your models?
A - For body painting our models must be over 18 years old.